Ground Source Heat Pumps

What Is A Ground Source Heat Pump?

The ground beneath our feet absorbs almost 50% of all of the solar energy the earth receives from the sun. The earth is also very efficient at storing energy. It’s because of this that the temperature just below the earth’s surface remains at a consistent level all year round as it is constantly absorbing energy. Geothermal heating and cooling systems use this constant underground temperature to their advantage in order to provide heating and cooling to buildings.

A Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) is an electrically powered geothermal heating system that uses the natural underground temperature of the earth in order to heat, cool and provide hot water to buildings both commercial and residential. They achieve this by connecting the building and the earth via a network of underground pipes. These pipes use water to transfer heat from the earth to the building to heat it, and from the building to the earth to cool it. 

Ground source heat pumps are a lot more energy efficient and cost effective than traditional heating systems found in most homes and buildings. This is because although they do need a small amount of electricity in order to run, heat pump systems don’t burn any kind of fuel in order to produce their heat and use only the natural temperature of the earth as an energy generating method. 

Geothermal heating via ground source heat pumps is classed as a renewable energy source which as well as being very cheap to run, offers significant reductions in energy bills and CO2 emissions. Ground source heat pumps also receive Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments in the UK.

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Ground Source Heating with GI Energy

GI Energy is at the forefront of ground source heating system design in the UK and has installed over 1,500 ground source heating and cooling systems to date.

We are able to offer remove this expert system design in-house and have our own drilling rigs for boreholes, which allows us to be highly competitive. We also have in house project management and installation teams that are able to deliver quality projects in a timely manner for our wide client base.

Along with our trusted partner, Skanska, we have also pioneered the installation of Energy Piles in the UK. Energy Piles allow the incorporation of geothermal pipes into the structural piles of new build properties, hence reducing the need for boreholes, and offering opportunities for cost reduction.

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