Ground Source Heat Pumps Design

1. Feasibility

Our design service begins with an initial feasibility study, we will ask you to provide the postcode of the property/development, an outline of the heating and cooling loads and site plans if they are available. Using this information, along with geological information for the location, a member of our Technical Team will prepare a discussion document. It will include outline installation costs, estimated carbon run costs and estimated savings. If appropriate this can also include a financial proposal for either leasing the system or for a full Energy Service Company contract.

2. Detailed design

We have developed our own ground loop design technology. This bespoke software provides greater levels of accuracy and flexibility than any other in the market place. For large scale installations the detailed design will include all aspects of the external works, plant room layouts and the interface with the internal heating distribution. This is a collaborative process with your chosen building services engineer with whom we will partner to maximise the system performance in the long term. By working closely together with you project team in this way we eliminate gaps in the contract giving you the peace of mind when problems occur.

3. System installation

From drilling and system headering, into the plant room and control system GI Energy offers the complete solution. Our highly trained teams of installation operatives are managed by experienced project managers and are backed up by our central logistics functions.

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