At GI Energy, we have unrivalled renewable energy expertise and are uniquely placed to design, install, service and maintain integrated renewable energy solutions.

We harness the very latest heat pump, CHP and solar technologies and are recognised as one of the UK’s leading authorities, having installed more ground source capacity than any other supplier.

diagram of ground source heat pumps showing the different sections of the technology

A Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) is an electrically powered geothermal heating system that uses the natural underground temperature of the earth in order to heat, cool and provide hot water to buildings both commercial and residential.

man in hi-vis walking alongside air source heat pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps are a cost effective and eco-friendly alternative to conventional technologies. Air source heating systems, with multiple units linked together, can be designed for large scale installations, as an alternative to a ground source system.

view of a large structures in a city lit up at night

We can hybridize CHP and ground source heat pump technology to deliver exceptionally efficient installations.

view of house from gardens with solar panels on the roof of the houses

We can integrate solar PV and solar thermal technology with other renewables to maximise ROI and CO2 / energy savings.