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Our local authority housing experience includes the installation of a district heating system to serve three blocks of flats owned by South Derbyshire Council.

This solution incorporated high efficiency pipework to minimise heat losses and allows individual flats to draw energy as it is required for heating and hot water.

The Renewable Heat Incentive has provided the platform for ground source heat pump technology to grow rapidly within the social housing market. With the addition of air source heat pumps as an eligible technology alongside solar thermal we offer a range of solutions for new build and retro fit projects.

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With growing demands from legislation and government targets to reduce emissions set against a backdrop of reduced budgets, it is increasingly important to find a partner who can develop cost effective solutions to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions.

Given the diverse portfolio of properties, an energy partner needs to be capable of developing and installing a broad range of solutions for space heating, DHW and power. GI Energy specialises in developing integrated renewable solutions to maximise the energy cost and carbon savings and the benefits derived from government schemes such as The RHI and FIT.

For both new build and retrofit schemes, GI Energy offers a range of integrated solutions including heat pumps, solar thermal, solar PV and CHP for individual properties and district heating solutions, all supported by remote monitoring and reporting to allow accurate and timely assessment of performance.

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