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Our ground source heat pumpinstallations support renewable energy planning permission applications and provide sustainable energy savings for existing and new build care homes.

In addition, our unique funding solutions allow care homes to exploit long term business benefits without the risks associated with upfront capital expenditure.

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With the strong growth in new build developments and the costs of high space heating and DHW demand, it is essential that highly efficient heating and power solutions that help achieve planning permission and reduce operating costs can be developed across a broad range of property types. In addition, systems must be reliable and well maintained to ensure vulnerable tenants have consistent heating and hot water supply at all times.

With a need for simple to use reliable space heating and DHW systems, GI Energy offers a range of heat pump and solar thermal integrated solutions. CHP and solar PV solutions are also available to offer renewable power and heating for both individual properties and district heating schemes all supported by remote monitoring and reporting to allow accurate and timely assessment of performance.

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view of a care home from the gardens that ultises renewable energy solutions such as ground souce heat pumps