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Our experience in designing and delivering major renewable solutions for critical use makes GI Energy the ideal partner in the sector. Renewable technologies have been installed in applications of all sizes across the UK including the largest heating and cooling system of its type in Europe at Mansfield’s King’s Mill Hospital.

In addition, our funding solutions prove particulary attractive to healthcare clients who need to reduce carbon output and running costs whilst carefully controlling budgets. 

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With high energy demands for space heating, DHW, power and cooling, the healthcare sector is increasingly looking for sustainable and robust solutions to reduce costs and emissions without compromising reliability within a 24 hour operational environment. For both new build and retrofit schemes, the desire to reduce energy demand and deliver mandated reductions in CO2 emmissions requires an experienced partner used to designing and delivering large scale renewable solutions.

With energy costs second only to staff costs and growing legislative requirements to reduce emissions, there is an increasing need to find a renewable energy partner to develop and install the right system.

GI Energy offers a range of renewable heating and cooling solutions including heat pumps, CHP and solar thermal. We offer integrated power solutions from CHP and solar PV supported by remote monitoring and reporting to allow accurate and timely assessment of performance. Funding models are available and long term service and repair contracts are an important additional offering from GI Energy to maintain optimised performance.

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