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GI Energy has worked closely with Sainsbury’s to introduce renewable energy technology across the company’s store network. Further schemes in the food retailing sector includes Morrison’s and other national major brands looking to save energy and carbon across their estate.

Our compact ground source heat pumps efficiently recover heat from existing refrigeration systems and have been supported by a range of fund packages.

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Food retailers have been at the forefront of addressing energy costs and carbon emissions. With refrigeration typically accounting for 40% of energy consumed, there is a key market need to find efficient ways to heat stores and optimise refrigeration running costs. In this highly competitive market landscape, the significant savings that GI Energy integrated renewable solutions can offer are becoming increasingly attractive across the sector.

GI Energy are already installing ground source heat pump solutions utilising energy from refrigeration plant and the ground to heat stores whilst improving the summer efficiency of on-site refrigeration. We also offer solutions for the smaller urban stores all supported by remote monitoring and reporting to allow accurate and timely assessment of performance.

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view of sainsbury's that utilises renewable energy technology across their store network