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Reforms to the RHI

Today Baroness Neville-Rolfe made an important speech about the reforms to the RHI.

Key messages to take away from the speech are:

•No change to ASHP and GSHP tariffs in non-domestic sector

•Introduction of a tariff guarantee scheme to encourage investment in large schemes by having greater certainty over RHI tariffs.

•Introduction of a pre-accreditation scheme for GSHP schemes over 100kw (and ASHP>45kw). This is a 3 stage process with a max 3 weeks between application at stage 1 to evidence of scheme financial close/commitment at stage 2

•Tariff guarantees limited to 250Gwh/pa

•Increase in tariffs for domestic ASHP and GSHP (most significantly ASHP up 30% to 10.02p/kwh).

•All domestic HPs to have an electrical meter fitted. Consistent theme in document is the lack of evidence to the success or otherwise of HP performance.

•Biomass/Biogas/Biomethane all supported with tariffs returned to pre latest degression levels

•Heat demand levels introduced for domestic properties

•Overall budget cap remains in force and therefore Secretary of State ability to close scheme if budget likely to be exceeded in any 1 year.

•Tariff guarantees count towards individual technology degression points

•GSHP <100kw now grouped with ASHP for degression triggers.

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