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GI Energy takes delivery of new rig

GI Energy has taken delivery of their new Comacchio GT900HT drilling rig. This is a huge milestone for the company and significantly increases the in-house capability to deliver open and closed loop ground source systems with greater cost and time efficiency.

Safety and environmental concerns were the driving force behind the design and choice of the rig. The GT900HT is the first of its kind in the UK in two respects; Firstly itcarries 200m of 5m long drill pipes, which are automatically loaded, eliminating manual handling from the drilling operation. This reduces physical stress on the operators and significantly increases speed of installation. Secondly the rig is fitted with a Tier 4 final Deutz engine which complies with EPA 97/68/EC exhaust regulations.  Emissions are reduced by 90%, engine noise levels are reduced below 80dB and fuel efficiency is increased.

The RS1700 drill head has a 6 speed/torque range, varying between 45 and 260 rpm and 500 and 1700 daNm. Together with a 19,500 daN pull back, this gives the rig a range of capabilities in terms of method of drilling, diameter of installation and depth of installation. 

Its first job will be in Sheffield, where it will be drilling 150-200m boreholes for a 37,000sq.ft retail store, before moving on to Dumfries and Galloway Hospital to install 150m deep closed loop vertical ground source over the summer.  

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