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Comprehensive Spending Review

Following the long awaited news about the spending review, we are delighted to see continuing support from the UK government to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and use energy in the most efficient way.

Stuart Lawrie (CEO of GI Energy), the UK’s leading renewable energy provider commented “It is good news that the Renewable Heat Incentive will remain in place until at least 2021. It looks like there will be some changes to the scheme including the potential to cap annual allowances once tariff thresholds have been reached which should further encourage business deploying renewable technologies to act sooner rather than later. All in all this is a positive statement continuing the UK Government’s commitment to achieving our legally binding carbon emission targets.”

We await further discussion with members of DECC to understand in  more detail what changes are proposed to the scheme and a further quarterly DECC statement is expected early next week to announce any further levels of “degression” to the biomass tariffs from 1 January 2016.  Because the uptake of GSHPs has been less than DECC expected,the Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA) do not anticipate a threat to the level of tariffs for Ground Source Energy.

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